Angela Poch, CLC, CN

Angela Poch, CLC, CN

Angela Poch, Certified Life Coach, Nutritionist, TEAM-CBT Counsellor & Faith-based Therapist. Dealing both with negative thoughts and painful emotions as well as lifestyle choices that are healthy for your mind and body. 

Angela uses the total health integrative model (body and mind) based on a book that is over 100 years old, called the Ministry of Healing (download free here), which has been shown to be relevant and validated by several recent scientific journals.  

Angela Poch has the following credentials and education:

  • Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling at KCPC
  • Certified Nutritional Counselor from Total Health School of Nutrition - 1.5 year diploma program
  • Certified Health and Nutrition Life Coach and a Certified Master Life Coach from Transformation Inc 
  • Certified Level 1 TEAM-CBT practitioner 
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy Diploma, CPD accredited 
  • Certified Depression Recovery Program Director by Dr. Neil Nedley for over 10 years
  • Certificate Top Chef University - over 200 hours of culinary learning
  • Certificates in Lifestyle Matters - Stress management, Living Free Addiction Recovery, Food and Your Brain.
  • Food Handling and Safety Certificate
  • Don't Eat the Soup As Hot as They Cook It - stress management, grief recovery, and negative emotions workshop facilitator
  • Currently on the BC Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Health Ministry Committee 
  • and more

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