Coaching: Happiness, Goals, Health & More

Get One-on-One Nutrition, Health & Wellness Life Coaching Sessions with Angela Poch. From time to time we need someone to talk to in our life about what really matters to us and how to accomplish happiness and success. 

Not only is Angela Poch a Certified Life Coach and Certified Happiness Coach, but she is also a Certified Nutritionist from Total Health School of Nutrition and has certificates in Relationship Workshops, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. While most health coaches can only offer you goal setting, Angela can help consult you on positive lifestyle changes and help you be proactive with mental wellness.

Perhaps you've tried diets, read books, watch videos, but still struggle with positive lifestyle changes.  Maybe you are overwhelmed with how to practically apply it all to your life?  A life or wellness coach can be a helpful tool to getting you on the road to health using an integrative approach of body and mind.  We work together, helping you in areas such as (depending on the coaching option you choose or choose general if you are not sure):

  • creating a wholesome diet, developing an exercise plan, etc.
  • balancing and improving relationships
  • emotional wellness and happiness
  • setting and accomplishing goals
  • finding your life purpose

A wellness coach is not a doctor, psychologist, therapist, or dietitian and cannot provide diagnoses or treatment of disorders and diseases.  They are a guide to help you make your own choices to positive lifestyle changes.

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