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Coaching: Health & Happiness

From time to time we need someone to talk to in our life about what really matters to us and how to accomplish happiness and success. 

Perhaps you've tried traditional therapy, strange diets, exhausting exercise programs, read through a gazillion books or blogs, watched a prolifera of videos, drank crazy concoctions, but still struggle with your health or what you should try next.  

Maybe you are overwhelmed with how to practically apply it all to your life?  Or you have no idea where to start?  Perhaps you feel like you could do or be just a little more, but you don't really want therapy.

We can get you on the road to health using an integrative approach of body and mind through lifestyle choices and proven therapies.  We work together with you (and other health care professionals) in a team approach. 

What we can accomplish together:

  • create goals for wellness that fit your needs
  • develop a step by step plan of action
  • making healthy lifestyle choices 
  • deal effectively with problem areas like special diets & mental road blocks
  • deal with the pitfalls of health from wrong thinking to poor life style choices
  • create a wholesome diet that works for you, develop an exercise plan, find ways to improve sleep, and other healthy lifestyle choices
  • stress management 
  • balancing and improving relationships
  • discovering your life purpose (yes, that affects both your mental outlook and your physical health)
  • finding happiness regardless of your circumstances

How does it work: First you register and fill in a life inventory, then we have an introductory session to determine the best approach for you. We visit either by Skype, Zoom, or in person. During our sessions, we talk about your health and wellness needs or goals based on your life inventory.  We then work together to solidify your primary goals/needs and then create an action plan to accomplish it, as well as identify and resolve problem areas. 

Testimonial below on how effective coaching really is!

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Please note: A health coach is not a doctor or dietitian and cannot provide diagnoses or treatment of disorders and disease.  They are a guide to help you make your own choices to positive lifestyle changes which often prevent and even reverse disease.