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About Us

Hi, I'm Angela Poch, I'm a certified life coach, plant based nutritional professional, and health and wellness instructor (More below.). 

Our health and wellness school uses proven lifestyle choices and therapies that make a difference in your whole health - body and mind.  We specialize in plant based recipes that can actually change your DNA expression, simple lifestyle choices, and mental well being, because not only should life be filled with joy and happiness, but your mental state has much to do with your physical health.  

We teach health and cooking in a fun and captivating way so those in all walks of life and skill levels will enjoy our courses. We have over 5500 students from 130 countries. We have scientific programs you can watch in just a few hours that guide you to better health - body & mind. From Healthy Families to Nutrition for Optimal HealthNutritional Therapy, learn how you can take charge of your health. 

Don’t let your current health or genetics dictate your life. Thousands of people are not only living to 100, but doing it in style and grace, full of vitality and happiness. 

Start with Optimal Health - Your Journey to a Long & Happy Life

We also offer personal support through one-on-one health coaching. Health coaching is a way to find solutions that will work for you. There are hundreds of diets, alternative health remedies, drugs, and exercise programs out there. How do you find what is right for you? We can guide you step by step in developing a plan that not only works, but works for you!  

If you have any questions about our programs or coaching services please email me: angela@higherpath.ca

More about Angela Poch, CN:

Angela Poch, your instructor is an experienced cook, plant based nutrition professional, certified master life coach, Christian, mother, and wife.  She uses the total health model based on a book over 100 years old, the Ministry of Healing, which has been shown to be scientific in it's principles. Over and over research confirms the key messages in this book. 

With over 30 years cooking experience, Angela Poch has researched healthful living for her family and friends, leading her to become first a vegetarian, strict vegetarian, then vegan (for approx 10 years), and now is a flexitarian or loveavore (A vegetarian with vegan tenancies. ;)

A graduate in Nutritional Counseling from the Total Health School of Nutrition in Calgary AB, she is a nutrition professional in BC Canada. She continues to research health on a regular basis to help others have better mental and physical health and is working toward her BSc and Applied Counselling & Psychology Diploma. 

Angela Poch has the following credentials and education:

  • Certified Nutritional Counselor from Total Health School of Nutrition - 1.5 year diploma program
  • Certified Master Coach from Transformation Inc plus a CPD accredited Life Coaching Diploma
  • Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator 
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy Diploma, CPD accredited 
  • Certified Depression Recovery Program Director by Dr. Neil Nedley for over 10 years
  • Completed the Top Chef University program - over 200 hours
  • Certificates in Lifestyle Matters programs - Stress management, Living Free Addiction Recovery, Food and Your Brain.
  • Food Handling and Safety Certificate
  • Don't Eat the Soup As Hot as They Cook It - stress management, grief recovery, and negative emotions workshop facilitator
  • Currently on the BC Conference Health Ministry Committee for over 3+ years

Definition of Flexitarian and Loveavore:

"A flexitarian is someone who is 'almost' vegan but flexible because they understand the total impact of the choices they make. I live close to being a vegan, about 98%, but I weigh environmental impact (which affects animals), mental wellness, and physical health of animals, humans, and myself. I believe in supporting local business/farms/etc over big business when possible and the entire impact of our choices must be weighed.  I sparingly use wool/leather products vs synthetic garbage and occasionally eat eggs and dairy. I believe in being a good steward of all of creation: animal, plant, and human. It is not animal cruelty for them to have a purpose, like a police dog or raising sheep for wool. Our concepts of what is humane are limited by our own biases and what media deems worthy to share with us, not always reality based. Perhaps we should embrace a new term - loveavore. That love should be the motivating factor in all the decisions we make.  Love of humanity, animals, nature, and ourselves. With this philosophy one can be a logger and still an environmentalist." Angela Poch

Her story in brief: 

Having IBS from her youth, Angela found lying on her back extremely painful along with other daily tasks, until a friend shared a healthier lifestyle.  She and her family became strict vegetarians (plant based diet with no dairy or eggs) in 1999, and this change improved her health significantly.  Due to the medical literature showing the benefits of such a lifestyle combined with exercise, Angela began to have a desire to share this good news with others.

That desired to help others live happier, healthier lives drove her to hold health luncheons in her home with help from her mother, Diane as well as holding cooking schools across British Columbia for over 5 years.  After much prompting from friends, she set out to write a series of cookbooks (all of which are free to subscribers) for healthful living.  

She has also made gluten free/allergy cookbooks & health books. Angela also is on a restricted diet for her IBS (low FODMAP which is: no beans, almost gluten free, limited on certain fruits and veggies) and occasionally eats eggs to provide adequate nutrition and freedom in recipe creation. She continues to seek the most healthy alternatives and treatments.

Angela's son, Jordan Poch has his own vegetarian Kids cooking program: Happy Kids Cooking. His videos air in New Zealand on Firstlight TV Network. 

With help from her father Wayne Castellarin and husband Jim Poch, Angela started Higher Path Print & Production to publish the books and create these video courses. 

Angela understands the importance of a whole lifestyle approach to health. It's NOT just about the food we eat, but exercise, social support, fresh air, attitude of gratitude, helping others, and much more that affects our health and well being. Angela has very few symptoms and is mostly pain free even with having Fibromylgia. While we can't live forever or avoid all disease, we can help to delay it, reduce symptoms, and even reverse disease by lifestyle choices. 

A note from Angela:

Why I believe faith and science are NOT exclusive. I’ve done CBT in some way all my life, long before I knew what is was. CBT is now the leading, proven method for dealing with anxiety, depression, and all kinds of mental health issues. My religion basically teaches it inadvertently, at least for those who are willing to really explore all the principles of it.  Self-examination, consider your thoughts are they realistic, we all, everyone of us, have value because we are human not because of what we do, or our gender, religion or culture. I could go on and on. Many religious people have misrepresented their own religions, mine is no different.  My textbook for health, the Ministry of Healing, was written over 120 years ago and it has hundreds of principles proven by recent scientific discovery but was not the norm when it was written, including healthy diet, exercise vital to health, and so much more.  With so many things I learnt from God being proven by science, my faith roots deep into who I am and I have no problem combining faith in things unseen, with facts and science that are established.  

There is only conflict between faith and science when using pseudoscience or if faith is not based on reason and God's word. Science has become a loosely used word in the media that mean’s something other than the scientific method of: observe, hypothesis, observe some more, test, retest, retest, then finally create a theory (which then is tested and retested by peers). Many current, so called scientific theory’s are still simply hypotheses because they can’t be observed and tested. And remember even the scientific theories that have been rigorously tested are still called 'theory' and not absolute fact. From astrophysics to medicine, there are just a few theories that have ever became laws in science. The law of gravity, law of thermodynamics, etc. 

Ok, I’m no science genius, so I’ll leave it at that.