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We are here to serve your health and wellness needs, body, mind, and soul.  

Whether you are struggling with a particular health or wellness issue, desire to cook vegan plant based foods, want to prevent disease, looking for better coping skills for painful emotions, or are seeking guidance to find peace and happiness, we are here to help.  

We offer faith based counselling and life coaching as well as online video courses. We can work together to reach your true potential.  But, be warned, this is not a quick fix gimmick, you will need to put in some work to meet your goals.

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Body Mind Health is a wellness school started and run by Angela Poch, that uses proven scientific lifestyle choices and therapies that make a difference in your whole health. We have had over 9000 students from 135 countries take our online courses. 

Whether learning more about vegan cooking, nutrition for a plant based diet, how to live a longer more fulfilled life, stress reduction, depression & anxiety solutions, or even finding true happiness, we are here for you!

We specialize in simple lifestyle choices to improve your quality of life, plant based recipes that can actually change your DNA expression, and positive mental well being, because not only should life be filled with joy and happiness, but your mental state has much to do with your physical health. 

Don’t let your current health, mental state, or genetics dictate your life. Thousands of people are not only living to 100, but doing it in style and grace, full of vitality and happiness. Start with Optimal Health - Your Journey to a Long & Happy Life. We also have free cookbooks, health books, and more please feel free to browse those here.  If you are looking for our free recipes and/or you don't want to sign up, please visit our sister website: www.VeganVegetarianCookingSchool.com.

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