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Faith based counselling for those of all faiths or even those who don't believe in God but are open to spirituality. Talk with someone who understands the struggles between where you are right now and where you want to be.  Find healing for your mind and soul without pressure to conform to someone else's ideas.  If you are struggling with something you feel ashamed with open up to someone in a completely judgemental free environment. 

Many of us do NOT fit into any particular mold and my life is no different.  I'm a tom boy who's never fit "female gender" norms, I'm a Christian who loves science, I'm analytical but compassionate, I'm close to vegan but have leather seats in my car, so if anyone understand we are all unique and even dichotomous it's me. My basic philosophy is labels are intrusive on who we really are, people are lousy role models, and disinterested* love for others is the key to happiness. But regardless of what I believe, our sessions together will be about YOU! 

I am currently a student of applied psychology and counselling but have my level 1 TEAM-CBT certificate.  I am a certified master life coach and we will use that approproach as well as the TEAM model in our work together.  As a student I may need to refer you to someone with the tools you need if I'm not qualified to work with you.  Book a free consultation today to find out if working together would be right for you. 

*disinterested means there is nothing in it for you, not even love in return.

NOTE: Because some of you will ask. LOL.  While I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, I believe in religious freedom as a fundamental principle of free will and I will not corcere anyone in any direction. Rather I am here to support you on your journey wherever that may take you.