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Counselling & Faith-based Therapy

Struggling with anxiety, worry, depression, feeling blue, or stress?

Feel ashamed, guilty, overwhelmed, lonely, or conflicted?

Do you desire to have more fulfilling relationships or want help with communicating effectively?

Want to change a bad habit or addiction or you want to have meaningful, personal growth? 

I understand struggling with depression, stress, and anxiety because painful emotions affect each one of us. Not only can these emotions get under our skin but we have hurtful, negative thoughts that go with them such as, "I'm stupid" "I'm defective" "I'm worthless" "I'm ______" . Sometimes they seem more than we can bear.  Sometimes we are tired of feeling this way. Sometimes we just want more out of life. Good news, there is hope because there are some really powerful tools available to help deal with painful emotions, negative thoughts, and unwanted behaviours.

  • Talk with someone about where you are right now and where you want to be.  
  • Find healing for your mind and soul without pressure to conform to someone else's ideas.  
  • Open up in a judgement free, safe, confidential environment. 

An integrative, client-centered, cognitive approach to wellness as a T.E.A.M. CBT practitioner using one-on-one sessions via video conferencing. This integrative method includes person centered, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), and/or faith based counselling techniques.  It works well for specific problems such as: depression, anxiety, relationship problems, addictions, procrastination, unmanaged stress, anger management, and social phobias. This style does not work well with those looking for a traditional approach to therapy, looking at their past in great detail, dream interpretation, those hoping to change their external environment rather than themselves, or those unwilling to put effort into the process.  

Only available for those living in Canada. If you live outside of Canada, I can provide CBT coaching but not therapy due to licensing and legal reasons. To learn more about coaching vs counselling click here.  

Book a FREE 15 minute phone consultation today to see if working together would be right for you. To view our cancellation policy, pricing, and other details please click here.

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Angela Poch, CHC, CN

Level1 TEAM-CBT counsellor and faith-based therapist.  Note: As an entry level counsellor I may refer you to someone with the tools you need if I'm not qualified to work with you. 

Why Choose Us:

  1. You will have a warm, supportive and non-judgemental environment where you can feel safe, understood, and ready to work towards meaningful change.
  2. Your treatment sessions are set up to be highly effective in a relatively short period of time with measurements to see progress at every session.
  3. You will learn skills and techniques to have long after therapy is concluded to help with anxiety, depression, relationship problems or unwanted habits for years to come! 
  4. I offer assistance for those who can't afford standard counselling fees.
  5. I am trained in several methods and have over 50 tools to work with you on a variety of issues you may be facing. My base approach,TEAM therapy, developed by best selling author and therapist Dr. David Burns, is a powerful form of therapy. Each step has been studied and shown to improve therapy results. Click here for more information on the evidence behind TEAM-CBT.

More about our counselling:

Many of us do NOT fit into any particular mold and I'm no different.  I'm a tom boy who doesn't fit most "female gender" norms, I'm a Christian who loves science, I'm analytical but compassionate, I have vegan principles in my heart but leather seats in my car, so if anyone understands we are all unique, and even dichotomous (having two sides), it's me! Some of you are struggling with why your faith is not fixing your pain, or maybe your faith is causing you distress (I can't seem to live up to expectations). if you want to talk to someone who understands faith and won't trying to convince you to give up God, you've come to the right place. 

My basic philosophy: Accepting our flaws is one of the the keys to happiness.  The second key peace and joy is a fundamental love* for others. Other people are lousy role models. Self-defeating beliefs rooted in our thoughts can be changed using simple, but effective self-talk tools. Regardless of what I believe, our sessions together will be about YOU and I will not push my point of view! 

*Fundamental love is that love that is inherent in life itself. God has created us to live based on the laws of love and we can't function at optimal capacities while in opposition to those design laws.  Laws such as: serving others is more satisfying than pleasing self, hurting others hurts ourselves, selfishness causes relationship problems, and so on.  While I am a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, I believe religious freedom is a fundamental principle of free will and thus I will not corcere anyone in any direction since that is not how God operates and neither do I.