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Get one-on-one help for your nutritional and health goals.  Get 12 weekly life coach sessions with Angela Poch. 

From nutritional help to stress management and so much more.  This is a totally customized program to meet your needs.  We meet via video conferencing for a real life interactive session.  

Full package includes 12 sessions, online video chat, which are 45-60 minutes in length, and  emails in between as needed. We meet weekly for the first 8 weeks, then monthly for 2 months, then a final follow up session 3 months after. This can be adjusted to your needs.

Cost for the entire program: 12 sessions, plus full access to our online courses, valued at over $2000, is less than half price, at only $995. 

Get started by working through the video links above.

Once you are ready book your free 15 minute consultation session. Be sure to write in the "Summary Box" that you are interested in the 12 week plan. (To learn more about life and health coaching visit

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Angela Poch, CLC, CN, dip. APC (Diploma in Applied Psychology & Counselling). I am a Certified Master Life Coach (with certificates in: health, CBT, relationships, happiness & life purpose), Certified Nutritionist, TEAM-CBT Counsellor & Faith-based Therapist.

Angela uses the total health model based on a book that is well over 100 years old, called...

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Our courses get to the point and deliver knowledge that you can use today. Plus get one-on-one help with nutritionist, life coach, and therapist Angela Poch.