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Do you feel frustrated with some aspect of your life? Struggling with anxiety, worry, depression, guilt, shame, anger, stress, or other negative emotion? Perhaps you want more fulfilling relationships or you want to change a bad habit? 

Sometimes we are tired of feeling this way. Sometimes we just want more out of life. There's real hope for you!! Because the first step is recognizing your need, the second step you are taking right now, learning what you can do about it, and the third step is just a click away.

  • Talk with someone about where you are right now and where you want to be.  
  • Find healing for your mind and soul without pressure to conform to someone else's ideas.  
  • Open up in a judgement free, safe, confidential environment. 

This is an integrative, client-centered, cognitive approach to wellness using T.E.A.M. CBT (more on T.E.A.M. below) with one-on-one sessions via video conferencing. This integrative method includes person centered, CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), and/or faith based counselling or life coaching techniques.  It works well for specific problems such as: depression, anxiety, relationship problems, addictions, procrastination, unmanaged stress, anger management, and social phobias. This style does not work well with those looking for a traditional approach to therapy, looking at their past in great detail, dream interpretation, those hoping to change their external environment rather than themselves, or those unwilling to put effort into the process.  

Note: If you live outside of Canada (or in the provinces of ON, QC, or NS), I can provide life coaching but not therapy due to licensing and legal reasons. 

Angela Poch, CLC, CN, dip. APC, is currently accepting NEW clients.  Book your FREE 15 minute phone consultation today to see if working together would be right for you.  Learn more on my website:

Angela Poch, CN, CMLC, Dip. APC (Diploma in Applied Psychology & Counselling, pending)

Certified Nutritionist, Certified Master Life Coach, and Level 1 TEAM-CBT counsellor and faith-based therapist.  Note: As an entry level counsellor I may refer you to someone with the tools you need if I'm not qualified to work with you.  

Please note: A life coach is not a doctor or dietitian and cannot provide diagnoses or treatment of disorders and disease.  They are a guide to help you make your own choices to positive lifestyle changes which often prevent and even reverse disease. 

Angela Poch, Certified Life Coach, Nutritionist, TEAM-CBT Counsellor & Faith-based Therapist. Dealing both with negative thoughts and painful emotions as well as lifestyle choices that are healthy for your mind and body. 

Angela uses the total health integrative model (body and mind) based on a book that is over 100 years old, calle...

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