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By Terry McComb and and George Hilton, Ph D. This 10 program series dives into whether or not origins is science or history and can one believe in Theistic Evolution. Creation, Evolution, or Both is a series of ten programs that discusses many facts about origins including the bias we all have in regards to how we got here.  This series discusses some of the different views regarding creation and evolution including the post modernist view and theistic evolution. 

Using points from science, logic, philosophy, and the Bible both Pastor Hilton & McComb stimulate your thoughts.  Is the study of origins, whether creation or evolution, even science?  How can we marry science and the Bible?  Can a Christian believe in any form of Evolution? Find the answers to these questions and more in this well attended series filmed at Hope, BC

  • Why is What You Believe Important?               
  • Evolution or Creation are they Scientific?
  • Two Different Worlds                
  • Total - Truth: Relativism,  Pluralism, & Darwinism
  • Issues in Origins               
  • Creation vs. Evolution & Dinosaurs
  • Implications                
  • Evolution’s Creator-Time & Chance
  • Where Does It Lead for Us as SDA's?               
  • Jesus as Creator - The Cross as Seen in Science (same seminar as Cross as seen in Nature)

Pastor George Hilton studied music, computer science, earned a Master’s degree in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Statistics. He has 25 years teaching experience and 15 years in pastoral ministry. George is especially interested in applying the careful thought of the sciences to religious topics. 

Pastor Terry McComb has worked with Creation Illustrated for the past 15 years and has authored 55 articles. He illustrates all his messages with his black-light chalk paintings accompanied by Jean’s artistry on the piano/keyboard. To contact Pastor McComb, e-mail him at

Pastor and international lecturer on creation and health.

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