Gospel According to a Dandelion & More

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This video and pdf book series by Terry McComb will walk your kids through character lessons taught in nature. 

Watch, spellbound, as Pastor McComb shares a video sermon presentation on the marvelous lessons we can learn from the simple dandelion. Nearly an hour of photos, music and nature lessons!

PLUS get all four books by Terry McComb, the Family Life Nature series is designed to get parents and children into God’s out-of-door classroom, even if they reside in the city. Each of the books contains 22-32 character building lessons. Each lesson is a multi-learning unit, combining a science lesson, a character lesson, a Bible lesson, a reading lesson, and an art lesson.

Every lesson contains a practical out-of-door project families can do together that reinforces the lesson. These books are real science, not fiction. The lessons also feature quality, scientific fine art drawings by Vera McMurdo. The full-page illustrations are not only coloring pages, but graphical object lessons that are easily adapted to your child's learning level. These books are a must for parents, grandparents, teachers, Vacation Bible School or Club Scout leaders.

The objects in nature speak through their design and function, revealing Jesus Christ as Creator. It is Sharing Jesus, Naturally.

View a sample from these books - click here!

Pastor and international lecturer on creation and health. http://gospelcreation.ca/

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