Happiness Coaching

This program will help you:

  • Experience more joy and happiness on a daily bases, no matter what!
  • Help you let go of old patterns and belief systems and replace them with empowering ones!
  • Help you to stop living everyone else’ dreams and embrace their true path!
  • Help you to control your emotions (so you can feel good NOW) instead of your emotions controlling you!
  • Help you to live a life of purpose and be your authentic self!

Why Happiness?

Because it’s a choice and a gift we can give to ourselves and clients! It will not only benefit our clients' well being, it will increase the positive outcome of whatever else they are trying to achieve through life coaching.

Many studies have demonstrated that happiness:

  • Doubles your critical thinking skills, problem solving ability, and creativity
  • Boosts your immune system and cardiovascular health
  • Extends life expectancy
  • Creates more fulfilling and longer lasting relationships
  • Creates more balance in life
  • Even helps individuals receive work promotions more often
  • And many more positive side effects!

Do you want to feel inspired with life? Stop letting stress and other people zap your joy! We can help with simple, proven keys to experience TRUE happiness in your daily life, no matter what’s going on around you. You’ve heard that true happiness comes from within… so, are you ready to UNLEASH it? 

Get personal, one-on-one live, half hour sessions plus email followups - we visit once a week to keep you on track. GREAT DEAL! $50 per session. 

Join me today!

Angela Poch studied under Instructor Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed. is finishing a study about happiness (for his Ph.D. in Psychology) and wants to share his powerful findings and experience with you!

“Throughout my youth I had the opportunity to see life through many different lenses. Moving every six months, I saw and lived in two worlds—a world of poverty and a world of wealth. I found that regardless of what world we each live in, we all want to experience the same thing—happiness. After failing my first year of college, my brother passed away, and I was reawakened with a new purpose to discover what creates true happiness—internal peace and joy—regardless of what we are experiencing in our life. This led me back to school, where I successfully received my Bachelor, Masters, and now Ph.D. in psychology. My co-instructor Natalie and I have dedicated more than 18 years, combined, academically and professionally to understanding what creates true happiness and teaching others how to create it in their lives. Our life purpose it to help you and others experience more happiness and joy on a daily bases, which is what lead us to create Transformation Services, Inc., Transformation Magazine, and our courses, programs, and life coaching which have reached tens of thousands of people from over 145 countries. The information in this course is not just based on life experience; it is based on what research from around the world has demonstrated to be the keys to experiencing true happiness.”