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Program Description & Information

Struggling with what to do with some aspect of your life or your health?  Get personal support and encouragement on your journey to health.

Are you are wondering how to fit all your health needs into a day? Unsure how to manage all the information on health and wellness? Concerned you may not be getting the right nutrition? Overwhelmed by life's demands?  Are you on a restricted diet that no one understands? Worried about your health?

Perhaps you've tried strange or unattainable diets, exhausting exercise programs, read through a gazillion books or blogs, watched a prolifera of videos, drank crazy concoctions, but still struggle with your health or what you should or shouldn't do to live healthy.  Maybe you are overwhelmed with how to practically apply it all to your life or you have no idea where to start.  We can get you on the road to health, path to happiness, or journey to life fulfillment, using an integrative approach of body and mind. What we can accomplish together:

  • create goals for wellness that fit your needs
  • healthy lifestyle choices for longevity and vitality
  • deal with problem areas 
  • stress management and other coping skills
  • improving relationships
  • discovering your life purpose 
  • finding happiness regardless of circumstances

    Do you want to talk to someone who understands nutrition, health, and spiritual matters from a Biblical, scientific, and plant based diet perspective? Then you've come to the right place.

    Many are overwhelmed with all the seemingly conflicting information from low carb to plant based diets, how much exercise do we really need, how to get more energy, should I supplement or not, and so on. What is right, how do you know?  We are here to help you sort it all out using science and logic, combined with your own intuition and values.  Using web based video platforms we can meet face to face anywhere, but it's important you find a quiet place to get the most out of our sessions. You will need high speed internet for our sessions.

    Angela Poch, CLC, CN, dip. APC, is currently accepting NEW clients.  Book your FREE 15 minute consultation today to see if working together would be right for you.  Learn more on my website:

    Please note: A life coach is not a doctor or dietitian and cannot provide diagnoses or treatment of disorders and disease.  They are a guide to help you make your own choices to positive lifestyle changes which often prevent and even reverse disease. 

    Angela Poch, Certified Life Coach, Nutritionist, TEAM-CBT Counsellor & Faith-based Therapist. Dealing both with negative thoughts and painful emotions as well as lifestyle choices that are healthy for your mind and body. 

    Angela uses the total health integrative model (body and mind) based on a book that is over 100 years old, calle...

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