Life Purpose Coaching

Discover your purpose in life that will fulfill you and help you to live healthier.  That's right, finding and fulfilling your life purpose is linked to a decreased risk of disease and an increased life expectancy.  

Research from over 130,000 participants found: "The analysis showed a lower risk of death for participants with a high sense of purpose in life. After adjusting for other factors, mortality was about one-fifth lower for participants reporting a strong sense of purpose, or ikigai. A high sense of purpose in life was also related to a lower risk of cardiovascular events."  “'Purpose in life' linked to lower mortality and cardiovascular risk.” Medical News Today, 4 Dec. 2015,, retrieved 2017-10-19. 

Whether you want to peruse your life purpose it as a career or in addition to your current job, we'll help you find out what truly makes you feel fulfilled and brings you joy.  Our coaching sessions are laid out with a step by step plan of action you'll discover your life purpose, deal with errors in thinking, resolve issues that stand in your way, and get empowered to pursue dreams that can come true. 

Get personal, one-on-one live, half hour sessions plus email followups - we visit once a week to keep you on track. GREAT DEAL! $50 per session. 

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